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Get KCSE 2020 results through the Knec SMS code 20076

Are you looking for the fastest way of receiving your KCSE 2020 results? Receiving your 2020-2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results through SMS code 20076 is the fastest way of accessing your results. You can do this by sending an SMS with your KCSE 2020 full index number to the official Knec SMS code 20076.

Simply follow the prompts below in order to send your SMS correctly and to receive your KCSE 2020 results very fast;

Step 1: Simply go to Messages (SMS) on your phone. Open a new SMS.

Step 2: Enter your KCSE 2020 index number in full (11 digits) followed by the word ‘KCSE’. Do not leave a space between your index number and the word ‘KCSE’. See this example for your guide; 43710142001KCSE. Do not use the random number given during the examination period!

Step 3: The official KNEC SMS Code for the KCSE 2020 results is 20076. Enter this as the recipient and send your message. Remember that this SMS will cost you Sh25. Do not send the SMS again until you confirm that the first one was not delivered. You will need to exerciser patience as this SMS may delay when many individuals are sending requests.

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Step 4: You will receive an SMS from KNEC with your KCSE 2020 results. The SMS will contain your name, school, index number, scores in your subjects and the mean grade.Counter confirm if indeed the details shown match with your credentials.


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