Form one admission 2021 (How to get your selection results through SMS)

2021 form one selection results can be received through the Ministry of Education SMS code 22263. This is the fastest way that 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates can use to know their form one placement results. These results are always available once the selection process is completed.


It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education to place all the 2020 KCPE candidates to their secondary school of choice. The Ministry places the students to all public National, Extra County, County and Sub County schools.

Placement of the KCPE 2020 candidates is done based on criteria set by the Ministry of Education. Top on the list of factors that the Ministry considers is the candidate’s performance (total marks) in the KCPE 2020 examinations. Students with the highest scores (Over 400) are always placed at National Schools.

The vice versa is versa is true as students with lowest scores are placed in Sub County schools.

Another criteria that is considered is affirmative action; where the cut off marks for form one selection is lowered considerably for vulnerable groups of students.

The general performance at the KCPE examinations is also a key determinant in determining the cut-off points for the various categories of schools.

Last, but not least, the form one admissions is pegged on the specific schools’ Form one capacities. This is the maximum number of form one students that a school can accommodate; based on the available space and physical facilities. Schools can request for change of 2021 form one placements (Adjustment of school’s form one capacity).

Where the capacity of a school has improved due to development of additional facilities in the year, a principal must request for placement of additional students and approval in NEMIS.

After the application, the Ministry reviews and adjusts the school’s form one capacity; usually by allowing the school to admit more form one students.


Follow the steps below to easily get your 2021 form one selection results through SMS;

  • Go to SMS (Messages) in your phone and create a new SMS. Enter the recipient number (where to send the sms to) as 22263.
  • Enter your KCPE 2020 index number in full (11 digits); see screenshot below.
  • Once you are satisfied that the index number and recipient details are correct, just send the SMS.
  • Please remember that this is a premium service and you will pay Sh25 per an SMS.
  • In case the SMS from the Ministry of Education delays, kindly be a little bit patient before sending the SMS again. This is because, immediately the placement jresults are announced, there will be many individuals sending same SMSs and this may cause the delays.
  • Finally, only send the placement confirmation SMS once the Ministry of Education formally releases the results to the public.

Next, it is time to download your 2021 form one admission letter online. See the simplified procedure here; How to download 2021 form one admission letters online.

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