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Egerton university to slash up to 40% of workers’ salaries

Egerton university staff face turbulent financial times after their salaries were slashed by the varsity. The pay cut is as a result of the current covid-19 pandemic that has paralyzed learning and other key operations not only in Kenya but also world over. The pandemic that has seen unprecedented job losses is now threatening to eat into workers’ salaries.

The university’s  Vice Chancellor Rose Mwonya now says the university will not be able to pay all its employees their full April and subsequent month’s salaries.

“Due to Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the whole country, Egerton University is not able to generate enough funds internally to be able to pay salaries for the month of April 2020. This might continue for a while during the pandemic period,” Says the vice chancellor in a memo.

According to the memo, workers in lower cadres will continue receiving their full salaries while those in higher job grades will face a pay cut of up to 40%. In a quick rejoinder, though, the university promises to pay the arrears in future.

“Staff in grade 1-4 will receive their full 100% net salaries as indicated in their payslips. Staff in grade 5-19 will receive 60% of their net salaries as indicated in their respective payslips. The balance of 40% will be paid as soon as funds are available,” she adds.

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Public universities largely depend on funding from the national government to run their operations. Other major sources of income include students’ fees and the Higher Education Loans Board, helb.

The covid-19 pandemic has seen prolonged closure of learning institutions; since mid-March when the first case was reported in the country. The Education ministry is mulling the next course of action and has already constituted a committee of stakeholders to come up with proposals on how to safely reopen the learning institutions.

The committee dubbed ‘National Covid-19 Education Response Committee’ has already kicked off its operations and Kenyans have one week to make their submissions.

It is not only the universities that are facing challenges in paying their employees. Schools haven’t been spared either and in fact some have sent their staff on unpaid leaves. Public schools, just like universities, get most of their funding from the government and students’ fees.


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