Education CS wants fresh data on all schools, learners

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has directed that his office be furnished with accurate data on number of schools and learners. Through a circular dated December 10, 2019, the CS notes that the actual number of all schools in the country is not known.

“It has come to my attention that the State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education does not maintain accurate and reliable database on the number of physical schools and the actual number of pupils that can be relied on for effective decision making,” says CS Magoha.

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According to the CS, lack of accurate information has hampered effective service delivery in the Education Sector. He has thus directed all County Directors of Education to urgently compile data on the actual number of pupils in grade two (2) to eight (8). Also to be collated is data on the physical number of schools; both secondary and primary schools. “This information should reach this office (the Education Headquarters at Jogoo House; Nairobi) by Monday December 23, 2019,” the CS directs.

Schools are always expected to update the data on all learners and employees on the Ministry’s portal; National Education Management Information System (NEMIS). But, some schools may be having incomplete data. Data captured on NEMIS is used for disbursement of government fee capitation among other functions.

The CS now warns that schools with incorrect data will miss out on Fees Capitation and other government services. “This information is required for 2020 capitation and other critical decisions. It is reiterated that no institution shall receive capitation or any other Ministerial service without this data,” warns the CS.

Early this year, a number of schools missed capitation due to inaccurate data on NEMIS. The Ministry had to surcharge institutions that had exaggerated their learners’ populations.

All learners in public secondary schools receive government capitation of Sh22,244 per year. The Government disburses the capitation money on a ratio of 50 per cent for first term, 30 per cent in the second and 20 per cent for third term.

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