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This is how to check/get the released KCSE Exam Results 2021/2022 via SMS/Online and how to download the Result Slip for the whole School from the KNEC Portal Login – www.knec.portal.ac.ke. List of top schools, top Students, Results Per County, Cheating Cases and Cancelled Results in the just-released KCSE Results 2022. 

Education CS Prof. George Magoha, has revealed that the KCSE Results 2022 will be released at Mitihani House Nairobi in the last week of April 2022 after marking ends on April 17 2022.

The CS has said that once the marking process ends, compilation and analysis of the KCSE Results 2022 performance data will commence and the release of the results will be done shortly afterward.

How to Check KCSE Results 2022 via SMS

KCSE Results 2022 results can be received by sending an SMS with your Index Number to 20076 for Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom networks. Due to the high number of requests being made at that particular time, the feedback may take a few minutes to arrive.

How to Check and Download KCSE Result Slip 2022 online via KNEC Login Portal www.knec.portal.ac.ke

Principals and school heads can download and print the result slips from the KNEC portal and website by following this link

  1. Visit the official KNEC schools’ portal by clicking the link – HERE
  2. To login to the KNEC portal, Insert the User Name and Password which you used during the KCSE 2021 registration.
  3. Once inside the portal, you will see several boxes. First, under the box labeled ‘FROM INDEX’, input the index number of the first candidate and in the box labeled ‘TO INDEX NUMBER’ input the last candidate’s index Number. Click on ‘VIEW REPORT’.
  4. Wait for the result slips to load. When all the slips are loaded, click on the Menu labeled ‘EXPORT’.
  5. Select the format you would like to export the KCSE Result Slips e.g. ‘WORD’ or ‘PDF’ formats.
  6. The KCSE Result slips will be downloaded to offline storage on your computer.
  7. You can then print the downloaded result slips.

Cheating in KCSE 2022 Exam

Several cases of KCSE exams cheating has led to the arrest and detention of 42 students of Dibuoro Secondary School in Usonga ward in Alego, Siaya County, for engaging in exam malpractices. They were caught with phones which had the contents of Chemistry practical paper and Swahili paper.

KCSE Exam Results 2020/2021

The KCSE Exam Results 2020/2021 will be released on May 10 2021 at the Mitihani House Nairobi. This has been revealed by the Education CS Prof. George Magoha.

The CS had said on May 7 2021 that the final process in the marking and compilation of the KCSE exams was nearing completion and the results would be ready on Monday, May 10 2021.

In the KCSE 2020, some 747,161 candidates sat for their exam. 143,140 of them attained a score of C+ and therefore will join the Universities. This represents 19.03% of the total candidates. All the other candidates are eligible to join the TVET institutions, Tertiary Learning Institutions, Teachers Training Colleges and KMTC’s.

Top candidates in KCSE 2021 Exams Results

In KCSE Results 2020, a total of 893 candidates scored an A plain. The top 15 candidates are;

Top Candidates in KCSE 2021 Exams Results
Position Name School Grade Points Gender
1 Simiyu Robinson Wanjala Muranga High School A 87.334 Male
2 Allan Wasonga Agoro Sare High School A 87.173 Male
3 Sharon Chepngeno Terer Kenya High School A 87.173 Female
4 Muriasi Rob Ong’are Alliance High School A 87.139 Male
5 Mbugua Esther Wacucu Kenya High School A 87.113 Female
6 Mark Kipkoech Kogo Alliance High School A 87.106 Male
7 Kenneth Oranga Kapsabet Boys High School A 87.049 Male
8 Henry Madaga Maranda High School A 87.046 Male
9 Chepkorir Patience Kenya High School A 87.046 Female
10 Musomba Edith Machakos Girls School A 87.013 Female
11 Leslie Loise Wanjiku Kenya High School A Female
12 George Byrone Kapsabet Boys High School A 86.970 Male
13 Kiprono Howard Maranda High School A 86.013 Male
14 Jelimo Debra Kenya High School A 86.947 Female
15 Buluma Daisy Kenya High School A 87.938 Female

The Most Improved Candidates in KCSE Results 2021

The most improved candidate in KCSE 2020 was Cheruiyot Bett Dennis From Kimargis Secondary School in Bomet County. He scored 190 marks in KCPE and a B- in this year’s KCSE. Others are:

  • Maluti Tom Miti from St Teresa’s Girls Secondary in Bukeke with 199 marks in KCPE and a B- in KCSE
  • Kipis Soimit Charity with 151 marks in KCPE and a C+ in KCSE
  • Sadera Sempeywo From Oldekesi Secondary School with 168 marks in KCPE and a B- in KCSE
  • Kamar Abdullahi from Habaswein Mixed Secondary School with 168 marks in KCPE and a B- in KCSE

This shows that candidates who score low marks in KCPE exams can perform better in KCSE exams four years later. This is the reason why the 100% transition of students from primary schools to secondary schools should be embraced by all education stakeholders mostly the parents and the students.

The Most Improved Schools in KCSE Exams 2021

  1. Kaaga Girls Secondary School
  2. St Joseph’s Girls, Kitale
  3. Kisasi Secondary School
  4. Oriwo Boys Secondary School
  5. Riokindo Boys Secondary School
  6. St Josephs Rapogi
  7. Light Academy
  8. Saye Mixed Secondary School
  9. Wiobiero Mixed Day Secondary School
  10. Chuka Boys Secondary School

KCSE Results 2021 Cheating cases in exams

Some teachers, center managers, and principals were involved in exam malpractices. They would screenshot the examination papers before exam time and proceed to allegedly avail the answers to the candidates. They have since been apprehended and faced the full wrath of the law.

KCSE Results 2021 Top 100 Schools Nationally

KCSE Results 2021 Top 100 Schools Nationally
Position School Name Mean Score County
1 Kapsabet Boys High School 10.51 Nandi
2 Kenya High School 10.4 Nairobi
3 Mang’u High School 10.28 Kiambu
4 Alliance Boys High School 10.18 Kiambu
5 Light Academy 10.05 Nairobi
6 St Joseph Girls High School 9.95 Trans Nzoia
7 Murang’a High School 9.86 Murang’a
8 St Bridgid Girls High School 9.85 Trans Nzoia
9 Pangani Gilrs High School 9.84 Nairobi
10 Maranda High School 9.8 Siaya
11 Strathmore School 9.78 Nairobi
12 Moi Girls High School Eldoret 9.68 Uasin Gishu
13 Friends School, Kamusinga 9.62 Bungoma
14 Asumbi Girls High School 9.6 Homa Bay
15 Moi High School, Kabarak 9.56 Nakuru
16 Anestar Boys High School 9.58 Nakuru
17 Chemelil Sugar Academy 9.55 Kisumu
18 Kisima Mixed Secondary School 9.5 Nyandarua
19 Maseno School 9.5 Kisumu
20 Baricho High School 9.48 Kirinyaga
21 Starehe Boys Centre 9.43 Nairobi
22 Kagumo High School 9.41 Nyeri
23 Nairobi School 9.41 Nairobi
24 Moi Tea Girls Secondary School 9.3 Kericho
25 Riokindo Boys High School 9.3 Kisii
26 Kiage Tumaini Boys High School 9.3 Kisii
27 Lugulu Girls High School 9.3 Bungoma
28 Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School 9.23 Nyeri
29 Chepterit Girls High School 9.2 Nandi
30 Agoro Sare High School 9.2 Homa Bay
31 Orero Boys High School 9.2 Homa Bay
32 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Secondary School 9.1 Mombasa
33 Kisii School 9.1 Kisii
34 Kanga High School 9.05 Migori
35 Meru School 9.03 Meru
36 Lenana School 8.92 Nairobi
37 Kapsabet Girls High School 8.92 Nandi
38 Mary Mother of Grace Secondary School 8.9 Laikipia
39 Kipsigis Girls High School 8.9 Kericho
40 Kabianga School 8.9 Kericho
41 Mbita High School 8.9 Homa Bay
42 Butere Girls High School 8.9 Kakamega
43 Njiiri School 8.87 Muranga
44 Meteitei Secondary School 8.82 Nandi
45 Bunyore Girls High School 8.81 Vihiga
46 Nakuru Boys High School 8.8 Nakuru
47 Litein High School 8.8 Kericho
48 Kebirigo Boys High School 8.8 Nyamira
49 St Mary’s Igoji High School 8.8 Meru
50 Chogoria Girls High School 8.8 Tharaka Nithi
51 Makueni Boys High School 8.75 Makueni
52 Mbooni Girls High School 8.74 Makueni
53 St Anthony Boys High School 8.73 Trans Nzoia
54 Light Academy 8.72 Mombasa
55 Moi Naikarra Secondary School 8.7 Narok
56 Nyambaria Boys High School 8.7 Nyamira
57 Oriwo Boys High School 8.7 Homa Bay
58 Segero Academy 8.7 Uasin Gishu
59 St Patrick High School Iten 8.69 Elgeyo Marakwet
60 Baringo High School 8.65 Baringo
61 Nanyuki High School 8.63 Laikipia
62 Machakos School 8.62 Machakos
63 Moi Girls High School 8.6 Nairobi
64 St Joseph Boys High School Kitale 8.6 Trans Nzoia
65 St Mary’s Kibabii Boys High School 8.57 Bungoma
66 Chavakali High School 8.56 Vihiga
67 Mahiga Girls High School 8.55 Nyeri
68 Anin Girls Secondary School 8.5 Elgeyo Marakwet
69 Ulanda Girls High School 8.5 Migori
70 Carmel Girls Secondary School 8.5 Machakos
71 Nkubu High School 8.5 Meru
72 Moi High School Mbiruri 8.5 Embu
73 Kakamega High School 8.48 Kakamega
74 Kisau Girls Secondary School 8.42 Makueni
75 Ogande Girls High School 8.4 Homa Bay
76 Kaaga Girls High School 8.4 Meru
77 St Francis Rangala Girls High School 8.38 Siaya
78 Edinburg School 8.38 Muranga
79 Nyangwa Boys High School 8.34 Embu
80 Kahuhia Girls High School 8.33 Muranga
81 Kyeni Girls High School 8.32 Embu
82 Sacho High School 8.3 Baringo
83 Moi Siongoroi Girls Secondary School 8.3 Bomet
84 Metkei Girls High School 8.3 Elgeyo Marakwet
85 St Francis Girls High School 8.29 Kiambu
86 Pioneer School 8.25 Muranga
87 Tengecha Girls High School 8.2 Kericho
88 Karima Girls High School 8.2 Nyandarua
89 Kabarnet Boys High School 8.2 Baringo
90 Chepkumia Secondary School 8.2 Nandi
91 Memon Academy 8.2 Mombasa
92 Nyamira Girls High School 8.2 Siaya
93 Sironga Girls High School 8.2 Nyamira
94 St Joseph Secondary School Rapogi 8.2 Migori
95 Ikuu Boys High School 8.2 Tharaka Nithi
96 Tenwek High School 8.19 Bomet
97 Butula Boys High School 8.15 Busia
98 Booker Academy 8.14 Kakamega
99 Nyeri High School 8.13 Nyeri
100 Tengecha Boys High School 8.1 Kericho

KCSE Results 2021 Per County, Top Schools, Top Students/Candidates

Below, you will get the list of the top schools nationally in the KCSE Results 2021, 100 Most Improved KCSE Candidates in the just released 2021 KCSE Exams. You will also find the top/best students/candidates nationally/countrywide and 2021 KCSE Results of the best/top Schools per County.

The KCSE Results 2021 have been released this year before the Christmas Day by the Education CS Amina Mohammed. CS Amina released the results on Friday, 21st December, 2018 at KNEC Headquarters; Mitihani House,  along Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi after briefing President Uhuru Kenyatta about the results to be released.

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