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Date when 2019 KCPE results will be released

Just like last year, this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, results will be announced before Christmas; December 25, 2019. The marking exercise of the this year’s KCPE examination has started at across to 11 marking centres designated by the Kenya National Examinations Council, knec. According to information from the Council over 7,000 examiners have been contracted to mark this year’s KCPE Insha and Composition papers. The other papers will be marked by the new optical mark recognition (OMR) marking machine acquired by Knec. These machines enabled the Council to mark and release results in record time. Knec acting Chief Executive Officer Mercy Karogo has said the coordination and processing of KCPE Insha and Composition will take place between November 1 and 20. Last year the results were released on 19th of December by the then Education Cabinet Secretary; Amb. Amina Mohammed.


“These particular results will be released long before Christmas. Why do we have to keep them when they are ready? We prepare that before they go for Christmas, the children will know the schools they will be going to so that the parents can start preparing early,” Prof Magoha said at the last day of this year’s KCPE exams. This means, the 2019 KCPE results will be available before end of November.

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The top candidate in the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, examinations scored 453 marks out of a possible 500 marks. Two candidates managed to tie at the top; with the 453 marks.

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In 2018, this is how the candidates performed in terms of total marks scored:

S/No.Marks RangeNo. of Candidates
1401 to 50012,273
2301 to 400228,414
3201 to 300574,927
4101 to 200234,573
501 to 1002,177


the number of candidates sitting for the 2018  KCPE examinations rose by 5.9% from 993, 718 in 2017 to 1,052, 344 in 2018; this translated to an increase in candidature by 58,626. Students in National, Extra County and County schools were electronically selected and received their admission letters online. On the other hand, the over 684,515 students were manually selected to join Sub County schools.

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