Genesis 7:11-24, numbers 20:2-6, psalms 104:10-14.
1. Weather is the day to day change in the atmosphere.
2. There are good effects of weather and bad effect.
3. Good effects
a. It helps crops to grow
b. It helps to water land and prevent dust.
c. It provides water for cooking, washing and drinking.
d. Sun dries our grains, wind helps winnowing
4. Bad effects of weather
a. Flood destroys plants and crops
b. Wind can destroy the roofs, draught dries crops.
5. During the time of Noah, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.
1. Name the three sons of Noah , , and .
2. Noah build the .
3. Noah was years when he started building the ark.
4. Write down three bd effects of weather
5. Write down 3 good effects of weather
The Miracles Of Jesus Christ
The feeding of 5000 people {John 6:1-13}
1. Jesus fed 5000 men with two fish and 5 loaves of bread.
2. After eating 12 baskets were left.
3. The food belonged to a small boy.
4. Jesus asked Philip where they will buy bread.
5. Andrew said that there was a boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish.
6. These miracles shows that Jesus cares for our spiritual and physical needs.
7. Jesus has the power over nature.
The Raising Of Lazarus {John 38:44}
1. Lazarus lived in Bethany.
2. Lazarus had two sisters Mary and Martha.
3. Lazarus died and was buried 4 days.
4. Jesus raised Lazarus
5. Christians should have hope of life after death.
The Miraculous Catch of Fish {Luke 5:3-11}
1. Simon peter and Andrew had gone fishing in the lake of Galilee.
2. Jesus asked them to throw their nest into water.
3. Simon Peter believed and trusted God.
4. They managed to catch 153 fish.
5. The disciples were amazed at the miraculous catch of fish.
6. Jesus showed that he had power over nature.

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1. Jesus fed people with loaves of bread and fish.
2. baskets remained.
3. The food belonged to a
4. and were the sisters of Lazarus
5. Lazarus and his sisters lived in
6. Lazarus was dead for days.
7. In the miraculous catch of fish, how many fish were caught?
The Calming Of The Storm {Luke 8:22-25}
1. Jesus and his disciples were crossing the lake in a boat.
2. A great storm suddenly appeared.
3. The disciples were terrified and woke Jesus up.
4. Jesus Christ ordered the wind and the storm to calm down.
5. Jesus asked the disciple why they did not have faith.
6. The disciples were amazed.
7. This shows that Jesus has power over nature.
Walking On Water {John 6:16-21}
1. Jesus and his disciple were on a boat going to Capernaum.
2. Jesus failed to turn up, the disciples decided go to Capernaum
3. As they were sailing they saw Jesus walking on water.
4. They thought it was a ghost.
5. Jesus told them not to be a afraid
6. Jesus got in the and they sailed on.
7. This shows that Jesus has power over nature.
The response to the power of Jesus Christ.
1. God created everything through Jesus Christ.
2. Jesus has power over all that God created.
3. We should respond to the power of Jesus Christ by:-
a. Reading the bible
b. Obeying God’s commandment.
c. Trusting and believing God’s word.
d. Showing love to God and others.
e. Helping the needy.
f. Living in peace with neighbours.
g. Taking care of God’s creation
1. and were the sons of Zebedee
2. By raising Lazarus, Jesus showed that he had power over
3. By calming the storm, Jesus showed that he had power over
4. By feeding the 5000 people, Jeus showed he had power over .
Jesus Christ Our Leader {1 Timothy 3:1-7}
1. Qualities of a good leader
a. Hones
b. Without fault
c. Orderly and sober
d. Trustworthy
e. Self control
f. Able to manage family.
g. Hospitable to strangers.
h. Be a husband of one wife.
i. Not greedy.
j. Not a drunkard or violent
k. Able to teach
l. Mature in faith.
m. Above reproach.
Jesus Christ As An Example Of A Good Leader {John 7:17, Matthew 3:13-17}
1. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.
2. He was baptized in river
3. Jesus accepted to be baptized as a sign of obeying the will of God his father.
4. When Jesus was baptized the holy spirit of God came in form of a dove.
5. A voice was heard from heaven saying “ this is my beloved son in whom I am well
6. Jesus did everything to glorify God.
1. Name 5 qualities of a good leader.
2. Jesus was baptized by
3. He was baptized in river?
4. The Holy Spirit came in a form of?
5. The voice that was heard was from?
Jesus Christ Cleansing The Temple {Mark 11:15-18}
1. Jesus went to the temple in
2. Jesus was unhappy with those were selling
3. Jesus used his authority to drive out people who were selling and buying in the temple.
4. He said that the temple is a house of prayer.
Forgiving sins {Luke 5:17-25}
1. Jesus was teaching people in a house.
2. A paralyzed man was brought through the roof.
3. Jesus healed him by forgiving his sin.
4. The Pharisees were not happy that Jesus could forgive sins.
5. Jesus used His power to forgive sins and heal the sick man.
Jesus Christ Sending the Twelve Disciples {Luke 9:1-6}
1. Jesus had twelve disciples.
2. Jesus taught them many things.
3. Jesus wanted them to become God leaders.
4. He sent them to go and preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick.
5. He gave them power and authority to:-
a. Drive out demons.
b. Cure diseases.
6. He told them not to carry anything.
7. He told them to bless the homes they will be welcomed
8. Where they were not welcomed they were to leave no blessings.
9. The disciples were to rely on people they preached to to take care of them.
Jesus The Perfect Leader {Micah 3:1-4, 1 Timothy 3:1-13}
1. Jesus was a perfect leader.
2. He was obedient to God and had no sin
3. He loved good and hated evil.
4. He taught people to do good.
5. He fed those who were hungry.
6. He healed the sick.
7. He delivered the oppressed for example those possessed by demons.
8. Jesus was humble and had no pride.
9. Prophet Micah warned those who were not fair and just to others.
10. St. Paul also gave guidelines on how a good church leader should be.
1. Jesus chased those who were buying and selling in the temple at
2. Jesus fed the crowds with fish and
3. Good leaders should follow the examples of
4. Good leader should be of character.
5. Jesus Christ is the leader.
– Authority is the ability, power or right to give orders.
The Responsibility Of Church Leaders {Mark 8:1-9}
1. Church leaders should accept the authority of Jesus by:-
a. Be concerned about the needs of others.
b. Be compassionate and loving
c. Praying for the sick.
d. Mobilize people to donate food for the hungry.
e. Help in raising funds to educate the orphans.
f. Mobilize people to donate funds to pay hospital bills for the sick.
g. Offer guidance and counseling to the church youth.
1. Jesus Christ used and to feed 4000 people.
2. How many baskets were collected after feeding the 4000 people?
3. Write things that show Christ was a responsible leader.
Following Jesus Christ {Mark 9:14-29, 1 Timothy 4:18}
– Following Christ is not always easy.
– Some of the difficulties in following Christ include:-
a. People being cruel to them
b. Lack of to do their work.
c. Lack of shelter.
d. Lack of food and clothing
e. Lack of transport.
f. Fear and lack of faith.
– The bible teaches us that
a. We should follow Christ out of love and not out of fear.
b. Fear makes it difficult for us to follow Christ.
c. Christian’s should pray for enough faith to follow Christ.
1. A boy brought to Christ by his father had and spirit.
2. Write two reasons why disciples were unable to heal the boy
3. The bible teaches us that there is no in .
4. Perfect drives out all
5. makes it difficult for the followers of Christ to do their work.
6. We should follow Christ out of and not
Revision exercise pg 48-49 Primary CRE book 4.
How Good Leader Leads Us.
1. A good leader is the one who guides people, serves them well and sets a good example.
2. A good leader should desire to do excellent work
3. Good leaders should:-
a. Perfect in all things
b. Sober and self-controlled.
c. A husband of one wife.
d. Gentle and peaceful.
e. Hospitable
f. Mature in faith
g. Respected by people in the community
4. A good leader is not a boss but a servant of the people.
Memory verse 1 timothy 3:1
“This is a true saying; if a man is eager to be a church leader, he desires an excellent work.
1. Name 3 qualities of a good leader.
2. Name 2 leaders in a church.
3. In which book do we find the qualities of a good leader?
4. Jesus had followers.
5. Name 3 things that a church leader should not do.
1. Service is help or assistance we give to others.
2. When we work at home, school or in the community we serve other.
a. Service at home
– Service at home involves serving our parents, brothers, sisters and all the other member
of our family.
– We can give service at home by
a. Fetching water
b. Washing clothe
c. Looking after animals
b. Service in the community
– a community is a group of people living together.
– We can offer our services to the community by:
a. Planting trees.
b. Helping the needy.
c. Taking part in cleaning the shopping centre
c. Service in the church
– We can serve in the church by :-
a. Collecting offering
b. Ushering people in the church.
c. Singing in the church choir
d. Leading people in prayers.
– Samuel served God in the at
. Quiz
1. A place where we get education is called a
2. Give 3 ways in which pupils can serve at school
3. How many wives should a church leader have?
4. What is service?
5. and were parents of Samuel.
Jesus Christ: washing the disciples feet
1. Jesus Christ as a good leader served people.
2. He served them by:-
a. Praying for them
b. Forgiving sins
c. Healing the sick
d. Feeding the crowds.
3. Jesus washed his disciple’s feet to show service.
4. This was a sign of humility.
5. He told them to do to others what he had done for them.
6. Jesus Christ wants us to serve one another.
7. He set a good example for all the leaders to follow.
1. Name 2 in which Jesus served people.
2. Washing of the disciples feet shows
3. had first refused to be washed by Jesus.
4. Name three things Jesus used to wash his disciple feet.
5. was the most beloved disciple of Jesus.
Jesus Christ Teaching His Disciples
1. Jesus taught his disciple using short stories called parables.
2. He serviced his disciples by teaching them.
3. In Luke 8:18-22 Jesus taught:-
a. Whoever has something will be given more
He taught them the importance of listening attentively to the word of God.
Taught them to obey the word of God.
Taught them we should care for our spiritual life as we care for our physical life.
Taught that we should show genuine love for Jesus.
Taught that when serving God we should be ready to suffer.
1. Jesus called Peter times.
2. Jesus called Peter son of
3. According to Luke 11:38-41 who invited Jesus to his home?
4. Christian suffering bring to God.
5. was the first Christian martyr.
Jesus Healing the Centurion Servant
1. The roman officer or the centurion met Jesus at Capernaum.
2. A centurion is a roman officer in charge of a hundred soldiers.
3. He begged Jesus to heal his servant.
4. He told Jesus to give and his servant will be well.
5. Jesus was amazed by the centurion faith.
6. He said that he had never seen such faith in Israel.
7. Jesus served the sick servant by healing him.
8. The centurion served his servant by asking Jesus on his behalf.
1. Who begged Jesus to heal his servant .
2. The roman officer had that Jesus would heal his servant.
3. The centurion was a leader of soldiers.
4. The roman officer met Jesus at
5. For us to be healed we should have in God.
Choosing To Belong
Making our choices as Christians
1. As Christians we can choose to obey or disobey.
2. God made Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden.
3. He allowed them to eat from all trees apart from the one in the middle.
4. It was the tree of knowledge.
5. God gave them freedom to choose to obey or disobey.
6. They disobeyed when they listened to the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit.
7. They were punished by God.
8. Adam and Eve made a wrong choice.
1. and were the first parents.
2. They lived in the Garden of .
3. Satan appeared to Eve in form of a
4. From punishment of Adam and Eve Christians learn to
a. Hide when naked
b. Obey Gods’ commands
c. Avoid talking to strangers
d. Avoid snakes.
5. Adam and Eve had 3 sons namely:-
Choice made by Abraham
1. Abraham was the son of Terah.
2. Abraham was called by God when he was 75 yrs old.
3. Abraham wife was called Sarah.
4. Abraham got his son when he was 100yrs old and Sarah was 90 yrs.
5. Their son was called Isaac.
6. Isaac means laughter.
7. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son on Mt. Moriah
8. As Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, God provided a ram.
9. Abraham made a choice to trust and obey God.
10. Isaac made a choice to obey his father.
11. They made a good choice.
1. Sarah servant was called?
2. The promised son of Abraham was
3. Isaac means
4. Abraham was to sacrifice his son on mt.
5. Instead of Isaac God provided a for sacrifice
a. Goat
b. Bull
c. Ram
d. Sheep
Choice Made By Moses
1. Moses s was the son of Amram and Jochebed.
2. He was a brother to Mirriam and Aaron.
3. Moses means “drawn from water”
4. His wife was Zipporah the daughter of Jethro.
5. Moses killed an Egyptina and run away to midian
6. He was called by God when he was looking after Jethro sheep near Mt. Sinai
7. God told Moses his name is I AM.
8. God sent Moses to Egypt to deliver the children of Israelites.
9. God told Moses to go with his brother Aaron.
10. Moses and Aaron obeyed God and made a good choice
1. and were the parents of moses.
2. Moses means
3. Moses had two sons and .
4. Moses run away and went to
5. saw a buring bush.
6. The call of moes in the bible is recorded in the book of
Choice Made By Ruth
1. Naomi and her husband Elimelech lived in Bethlehem Judah
2. They had two sons mahlon and Chillion.
3. The family moved from Bethlehem to Moab because there was a famine.
4. In moab, their sons married two Moabite women orpha and Ruth.
a. Ruth was the wife of mahlon
b. Orpha was the wife of chillion.
5. Later the son and father died
6. Naomi was left with her daughters in-law.
7. Naomi chose to go back to Bethlehem.
8. Orpha chose to go back to her people.
9. Ruth chose t follow Naomi.
10. Ruth made the correct choice.
1. an were Naomi’s daughters in-law.
2. and were the sons of Naomi.
3. was the wife of elimelech.
4. This family was refugee in the land of
5. Between Ruth and Orpha who was royal to Naomi?
Choices made by Solomon
1. Solomon was the son of David and Bathsheba.
2. He was the 3rd king of Israel.
3. God appeared to him in a dream while at Gibeon
4. Solomon asked God for wisdom to :-
a. Rule God’s people with justice.
b. To know the difference between good and bad.
5. He made a very good choice.
6. God gave him wisdom, understanding , wealth, honor and a long life.
7. As Christians we should serve God by serving other people.
1. was the w\ise king.
2. and were the parents odf Solomon
3. built a temple for God.
4. After giving Solomon wisdom God also added him
Choices Made By Levi
1. Levi was a tax collector.
2. He was also called Matthew.
3. The tax-collectors were dishonest people.
4. Jesus asked Levi to follow him.
5. Levi left everything and followed Jesus.
6. Levi made a good choice by following Jesus.
7. He was one of the disciples of Jesus.
1. Who among the disciples of Jesus was a tax collector?
2. Another name for Mathew is?
3. is the first book of the gospel.
Choices made by Ananias and sapphire
1. The early church lived together nad shared what they had.
2. They would sell their properties and bring money to the apostles.
3. Ananias and sapphire sold a land that belonged to them.
4. They did not give the whole amount of money to peter.
5. They lied to the holy spirit.
6. They died the same day because of cheating the holy spirit.
7. They made a wrong choice.
8. Selfishness and greed cause people to make the wrong choices.
1. and – cheated the Holy spirit.
2. The story of Ananias and sapphire is found in the book of .
3. Ananias and sapphire took the money to apostle
4. and made a wrong choice.
Choices Made By Jesus during The Temptation
1. Jesus was baptized by John in RIVER Jordan
2. After baptism he was filled by the holy spirit and he went to pray.
3. Jesus prayed and fated for 40 days.
4. Satan tempted Jesus three times. He told Jesus to:-
a. Turn stones into bread.
b. Worship him.
c. To throw himself down.
5. Jesus chose to reject the temptation of food, powere and fame.
6. The holy spirit gave him power to overcome the temptations.
7. We should also seek the help of the holy spirit and the word of God to be able to
overcome the temptation.
Choosing To Belong To the Family Of Jesus Christ.
1. The first family was started by God.
2. It had Adam and Eve and their sons Cain., Abel and Seth.
3. The church is the family of Jesus Christ.
4. The family of Jesus Christ consist of those who believe and are baptized.
5. Children should obey their parents.
6. Parents should teach their children good Christian behaviors.
7. Servant should respect and obey their master.
1. tempted Jesus.
2. Jesus fasted for days.
3. Which was the second temptation
4. “children obey your parent” this is a commandment with a
Christians communities in Kenya
– Some Christians communities in Kenya
– What re Christian communities.
1. A Christian community is a group of people who believe that Jesus Christ is their lord
and savior.
2. The first believers were called Christians at a place called Antioch.
3. Christians worship in church
4. Examples of Christian communities in Kenya
a. The roman Catholics
b. Pentecostal assemblies of God {PAG}
c. The seventh day Adventist {SDDA}
d. The Methodist church
e. African inland church {AIC}
f. Presbyterian church of east Africa{PCEA}
g. The Pentecostal evangelistic fellowship of Africa {PEFA}
h. Full gospels churches of Kenya {FGCK}
i. The Lutheran church
j. The Salvation Army.
5. Some of the Christian communities were started by the missionaries.
6. The church at Antioch had some leaders who were prophets and teachers.
7. Some of them were
a. Barabbas
b. Simon {called black}
c. Lucias from Cyrene.
d. Manach who was brought up with Herod Antipas.
e. Saul
8. Paul guided by the holy spirit strengthened the Christian believers in
a. Antioch
b. Caesarea
c. Galatia
d. Phrygia.
1. Name five Christian communities in Kenya
2. He preached the gospel to Antioch and Galatia churches and converted many to Jesus. Who
was he?
3. The first Christian community was found at a place called?
4. Who among the following was not a teacher or a prophet in the first Christian community?
a. Manaen
b. Lucias
c. Barnabas
d. Zaccheus
The work of the Christian communities
1. Christian communities in Kenya are involved in many activities
2. They share the love of Jesus Christ by
a. They build schools, churches, hospitals, homes for the aged and orphans and disabled.
b. They visit and comfort the sick and those with HIV AIDS
They preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
They visit prisoners.
3. Jesus taught his disciples that they should:-
a. Feed the hungry
b. Give a drink to the thirsty
c. Clothe the naked.
d. Welcome strangers.
e. Visit the sick
4. Jesus taught that those who do good work will inherit the kingdom of God.
1. Name for activities carried out by the Christian community
2. Jesus said “ I was and you did not give me food”
3. “ I was thirsty and you did not give me ”
The Early Church
1. Jesus was taken up to heaven Mt. Olives IN Bethany.
2. He promised his disciples a helper who was the holy spirit.
3. The disciple received the holy spirit on the day of Pentecost.
4. Peter preached and 3000 people became Christians.
5. The early church began in Jerusalem after the disciple received the holy spirit.
6. The believers lived together as a family. They also :-
a. Prayed and worshiped together.
b. Read the word of God together.
c. Shared meals together.
d. Sold what they had and shared the money according to their needs.
7. The number of Christians increased every day
8. Prophet Agabus predicted about a serious famine that would affect the whole world
9. We should follow the example of Jesus Christ by sharing what we have.
1. Jesus was taken up to heaven on Mt.
2. Name for activities that the early church did together.
3. The disciple received the holy spirirt on the day of
4. Prophet predicted about a serious famine that would affect the whole word.
The Christian Sacred Places.
1. A sacred place is a holy place
2. A church is a community of believers
3. There are different sacred places for different religious traditions for example :-
a. Christian – church
b. Muslim- mosque
c. Hindu – temple
d. Jews – synagogue /temple
4. Jesus was angry with the people who were selling and buying in the temple.
5. He was angry that the people did not respect the house of God.
6. He taught the people that the temple is a place of prayer for all nations.
The church
1. A church is a community of believers.
2. Christians meet and worship in a church.
3. Worship can be led by a pastor or a priest
4. Christian use different names to describe a church
– A chapel
– Cathedral
– School halls, cinema halls, open air and stadiums.
5. Christians sacred places should be approached I honor and respect.
6. In Traditional African Communities prayers were held at:-
a. Under trees
b. In caves
c. Facing the son
d. Facing the mountain.
7. We should respect the house of God.
1. A is a community of believers.
2. Name three places that Christians worship God.
3. In African traditional society, prayers were done in places like?
4. A is found in school and colleges
a. Cave
b. Church
c. Chapel
d. SDA
Sharing and voluntary services
1. Work is nay task that requires mental or physical efforts to do.
2. Sharing work means dividing task according to ability.
3. Work should be shared at home, school, church and in the community.
4. Sharing work is important because:-
a. It makes work easy
b. It makes work enjoyable
c. It is less tiring.
d. Work is done in a short time
e. It promotes unity.
5. When sharing work we should consider factors like:-
a. Experience
b. Age
c. Ability
d. Interest
e. Availability of time.
f. Work rate.
6. Hannah and elkanah shared work by visiting Samuel.
7. Jesus shared work with his disciples.
8. We should desire to work with others.
1. List three disadvantage of sharing work
2. When sharing work we should consider factors like?
Sharing work in the traditional African community
1. In traditional African community, work was done to provide the basic family needs.
2. In Tradition African Community everybody is expected.
3. Work in traditional African community was shared according to :-
A. Age
B. Talents
C. Status of the family
D. Gender
E. Ability
4. Women shared domestic work like cooking, fetching water, firewood and looking after the
young ones.
5. Men were hunting, looking after cattle and digging.
6. Children helped in grazing and looking after small ones.
7. Those who were lazy were mocked through songs and riddles.
8. The bible teaches us to carry one another’s burden
1. Outline the work that was done by men in traditional African society.
2. Women were supposed to
3. Children helped looking afar .
Benefits of sharing work
1. Benefits of sharing work are
– It creates the spirit of teamwork
– It creates peace, love and unity among people.
– It brings joy and happiness.
– It brings understating among workers.
– It makes work easier
– Work is completed faster.
– It brings unity Acts 4:32-37.
1. List down 4 characteristics of early believers according to acts 4:32-37.
Serving Others {Deuteronomy 24:19-21, Luke 10:29-37}
– Serving others means doing something for the good of others.
– It also means helping others without expecting to be paid back.\
– We serve others by :-
a. Caring for the needy.
b. Visiting homes for orphans
c. Teaching others how to read and write.
d. Cleaning the church.
e. Helping in chores,
f. Donating food and clothing for the needy.
g. Praying for the needs of other people.
1. The Jew in the good Samaritan parable was traveling from to .
2. Samaritans and Jews were
3. Name two people who walked by and never helped the Jew
4. Who is a good neighbor?
Exploitation of children through work
1. Exploitation is when children are treated unfairly.
2. Exploitation is also called child labour.
3. Exploiting children is against the children rights.
4. Children are exploited in the following ways
– Carrying heavy loads.
– Being employed at a young age.
– Hawking
– Being beach boys.
– Employed to pick tealeaves and coffee.
– Employed as house helps.
5. All children have right to :-
– To be educated.
– To be loved.
– To be cared for.
– To life
– Good health care
– Be protected from exploitation.
1. List for problems of exploiting children
2. We should take care of the helpless such as
Types Of Voluntary Services {Mathew 9:35-38, Acts 4:32-37}
1. Voluntary service is work done freely and willingly.
2. Voluntary services include
i. Collecting litter in the estate.
ii. Tree planting.
iii. Visiting children’s home.
iv. Cleaning drainage systems.
v. Picking litter in the school compound.
vi. Cooking for the elderly people.
vii. Helping at social functions such as weddings and funerals.
3. Jesus Christ offered voluntary services such as
a. .
b. .
4. The early Christians offered voluntary services such as
a. .
Peace {John 14:27}
1. Peace refers to the harmony between people.
2. Is a situation where there is no war or disagreement
3. When there is no peace people
4. It is important for people to live in with one another.
5. We should be at with God, others and
6. Jesus Christ came to make peace between and
7. List sown six benefits of peace.
The Expression Of Peace In Traditional African Communities. {John 14:27}
1. Peace was highly appreciated in the African traditional society.
2. In the absence of peace people fight and quarrel.
3. Ways of expressing peace in traditional African societies :-
A. Pouring libation
B. Shaking hands
C. Sharing a meal
D. Offering sacrifices
E. Naming schildren after ancestors.
F. Using elders in solving quarrels.
G. Holding meetings after a conflict.
Teachings of Jesus Christ On Peace {John 14:1-3, 20:19}
– When we quarrel or fight we should make peace.
– Jesus teaches us not to be worried, upset or afraid.
– We should believe in God and in Jesus Christ.
– Jesus is the source of peace.
– He is the prince of peace.
– The Holy Spirit gives us power to overcome fear.
1. Jesus taught his disciple not to be
2. Fear takes away
3. In john 20:19 why were disciples behind locked doors?
Being At Peace With God {Psalms 29:11, Romans 5:1, Colossians 1:20, 2 Thessalonians 3:16}
– We should desire to be at peace with God.
– We experience peace in God when we believe in him.
– We have peace with God through
– God brought peace in the world through the death of
– Psalms 29:1, God is the source of and people with
– List down 6 ways of being at peace with God.
Being At Peace With Oneself {Luke 18:9-13}
1. We feel guilty when we wrong others
2. We are ot at peace when we wrong others.
3. We should promote peace within ourselves by:-
a. Accepting we are sinners.
b. Ask God for forgiveness.
c. Being humble
d. Believing in ourselves.
e. Being prayerful.
4. We should not be boastful or proud.
5. In Luke 18:9-13 humbled himself before God and prayed for his sins to be
6. was praising himself before God.
Being At Peace with Others.
Matthew 5:19, Romans 12:8, 2 Corinthians 13:11, Ephesians 2:14-15
– We must be at peace wit others for us to live happily.
– We should be at peace with our:-
a. Classmates
b. Neighbors
c. Family members
d. Teachers
e. Members of society
f. Parents
– In Romans 12:8 we should do everything possible to live at with everybody.
– Matthew 5:9 peacemakers would be called of God.
– 2 Corinthians 13:11, we should strive for perfection, agree and live at
– The death of Jesus Christ unites people and brings peace.
Agencies’ That Work For Peace {Romans 12:18}
1. Peace is very important in the society.
2. Peace enables us to go on well with our normal duties.
3. Agencies of peace are organizations that help bring peace
4. They include:-
a. The Kenya defense forces- KDF
b. The police
c. The church
d. Parents and teachers.
e. Elders
f. The African union- AU
g. The united nations – UN
5. In Romans 12:18, we are told to live in peace with
6. List down 5 people who helps us to live in pace in the community.
The birth of the price of peace
Peace at home {Ephesians 4:31-32}
1. Ways of expressing peace at home:-
a. Worshiping together
b. Obeying parents
c. Showing respect to one another.
d. Using polite words.
e. Forgiving each other.
f. Avoiding being angry.
2. Peace at home brings a b, c
3. List down 5 things that disrupt pace according to Ephesians 4:31-32
4. The bible encourages us to be:-
The Promise Of The Prince Of Peace
Isaiah 7:14, 9:6, Micah 5:2, Mathew 1:18-23, 2:1-11, john 14:27
1. God promised through prophet Isaiah and Micah messiah would be born
2. Isaiah promised that messiah would be born of a woman.
3. Prophet Isaiah promised that messiah would be called Immanuel
4. Immanuel means
5. According to Isaiah 9:6 he would be
a. The wonderful counselor.
b. Mighty God
c. Prince of peace
6. Prophet promised messiah would be born in Bethlehem
7. According to Micah, messiah would also be . Micah 5:2
1. Messiah means
2. Prophet Micah said Jesus would be born in the town of
3. prophesied about the birth of prince of peace.
4. announced about the birth of Jesus.
The Birth of The Prince Of Peace {Luke 2:1-14}
1. Jesus was born at the time of emperor
2. Jesus was born In the town of
3. Joseph and Mary had gone to be in Bethlehem.
4. Baby Jesus was laid in a because there was no room.
5. told shepherds the good news of the birth of Jesus.
6. A great army of appeared singing praise to God.
7. were the first people to visit baby Jesus.
8. was the home town of Jesus Christ.
9. Mary concaved a child through the power of the
10. was a relative of Mary and was six months pregnant.

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