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My name (1samuel3:10)
1. God knows me by ___________(name, head)
2. I am a _______________(boy, girl)
3. I am ____________ years old
4. God ___________me(loves, hate)
5. God called __________ four times(Jesus, Samuel)
6. Samuel was a ____________ when he was called by God( man, boy)
7. Samuel __________ god(obeyed, ignored)
8. God called Samuel by his _____________(name, appearance)
Parts of the body (genesis1:26-27, isaiah64:8)
1. God created man on the ___________ day(6, 2, 1)
2. God created man in his own _____________(image, body)
3. God made my
4. Eyes to ____________
5. Nose to ___________ and _____________
6. Legs to ____________
7. Mouth to ___________ and ___________
8. Hands to _____________
9. Fingers to ___________ and ____________
10. Ears to _____________
(Smell, see, hear, talk/eat, walk, touch, work, breath, write)
Care of parts of the body (mathew9:27-33)
1. We must take c_r_ of our bodies
2. We take care of our teeth by ___________ them(wash, brush)
3. We must drink _______ water(boiled, cold)
4. Be ____________ when crossing the road(careless, careful)
5. Jesus made the _________ to see(hungry, blind)
6. Peter and _____ healed the lame man at the beautiful gate (James, john)
7. Jesus healed the __________(dead, sick)
My thoughts and feelings(psalms35:27-28, 89:1, 94:9-11
1. We use our ________ to think(head, mind)
2. When we are hurt we feel _________(happy, sad)
3. When we wrong our friends we should say ________(sorry, thankyou)
4. We should thank __________ for our good thoughts(God, angels)
5. God want us to ________ other people(love, hate)
1. A male parent is my ____________(mother, father)
2. A female parent is my ____________(mother, father)
3. A family is made up of father, mother and ___________(teachers, children)
4. My sisters and brothers are my __________(parents, siblings)
5. ________ are gifts from God(teachers, children)
6. God has given us our p_r_nts
How to relate with my family (1john3:12, exodus20:12, ephesians6:1-3,
1. My parents ________ for my school fees(ask, pay)
2. When I am _______ my parents take care of me(sick, healthy)
3. __________ had twelve sons(Jacob, Isaac)
4. Another name of Jacob was ____________(Egypt, Israel)
5. Jacob loves _______ most than the other sons(Joseph, Isaac)
6. Joseph was sent to his brothers to take __________(food, clothes)
7. The brothers of Joseph sold him to ____________(Egypt, Israel)
8. Joseph was sold for ___ silver coins (20, 30, 10)
The holy bible as a guide in our daily lives (psalms 119:105, Mathew 22:37-46)
1. We __________ to God through the bible
2. God _________ through the bible
3. The bible is the _________ of God
4. God want us to ____________ the bible to know His word
5. God’s word is a _______ to guide us
6. Read your bible ________
(care, guides, read, tell, light, speak, holy, everyday)
Handling the bible
1. We should take good ________ of the bible(help, care)
2. We should keep the holy bible__________(clean , dirty)
3. C_v_r your bible
4. Carry the bible when going to _______(school, church)
5. Read your bible e_v_r_d_y
The holy bible as God’s written message (1samuel:1-4, 2timothy3:16-17)
1. The word of God is written in the _________(English aid, holy bible)
2. The holy book of God is called the ________(bible, note book)
3. Through the bible, God ____ to people(whisper, speak)
4. The bible has ______ books(27, 66)
5. The bible is divided in to ________(2, 4, 1)
6. New testament and _________ testament
7. New testament has __________ books and old testament has _________
8. The first book in the new testament is ___________ and the last book is
9. The first book in the old testament is ______________ and the last book is
10. (Mathew, Malachi, Genesis, Revelation)
11. The bible was written by ______(men, God)
1. ___________ Is the greatest gift to us( food, Jesus)
2. God gave us the gift so that we can be ________ our sins(forgiven, reminded)
3. Jesus was born in _____________(hospital, manger)
4. The __________ told Mary that she would be the mother to the
savor(shepherd, angel)
5. Joseph was the father of _____________(Isaac, Jesus)
6. Giving to others(2corinthians9:7)
7. _________ and ____________ are some of the gifts we receive
8. __________ gave Jesus to us as a gift(God, angels)
9. When we are giving gifts we should be ___________(sad, cheerful)
10. Jesus came to __________ us from sins(save, hate)
11. _________ and ____________ are bad gifts(sweets, beer, cigarettes)
12. We should not receive gifts from __________(strangers, neighbors)
13. We get gifts because we are ____________(obedient, disobedient)
Visit of the wise men to baby Jesus (mathew2:1-12)
1. When a baby is born everybody is _________(happy, sad)
2. When a baby is born people bring _______(gifts, books)
3. Jesus was born in ______(Bethlehem, Egypt)
4. When Jesus was born He was visited by _______________ wise men(2, 3, 4)
5. The wise men came from the far _______________(east, north, south)
6. The wise men were led by the __________(sun, star)
7. The wise men visited king ______(David, Herod)
8. The wise men brought Jesus gifts of
9. G_ _ d
10. Fra_ _ki_cense
11. My__h
12. __________ and _______ were the parents of Jesus
Importance of Christians (luke1:26-38, 2:1-20)
1. Christians celebrate ________ all over the world(Jamhuri day, Christmas)
2. The birth day of Jesus is celebrated in the month of ________(November,
3. During Christmas, Christians celebrate the _________ of jesus(birth, death)
4. On25 December people go to ______ worship(hotel, church)
5. When Jesus was born __ sang songs of praises(joseph and Mary, angels)
6. On the day of Christmas people ______(rejoice, cry)
7. God gave Hannah a baby boy called________
8. Hannah and _______ took the baby to the temple when he was a boy (Penina,
9. Samuel used to help the priest ___in the church(Paul, Eli)
10. Hannah __________ God for a baby boy(abused, thanked)
Thanking God for His gift (Ephesians 5:20, corinthians9:15)
1. _____________ made the world(God, man)
2. God made the world in ____________ days
3. Plants were made by ___________
4. Plant were made on the ________ day
5. Draw and name three things God created
6. God made the sun to give light during the ___________(day, night)
7. Moon and stars give light during the ____________(day, night)
We talk to God through __________
Through prayers we
Thank God
We repent our sins
Ask for our needs
Ask God to protect us
The Lord’s Prayer
“Our father in heaven”
1. Our father lives in ________(hell, heaven)
2. The name of God is ______________(big, holly)
3. We tell God to _________ our sins(forgive, take)
4. God can only forgive when we ________________ other people(fight,
5. When we wrong God we should ___________(hide, repent)
6. __________ taught his disciples how to pray
7. The Lord’s prayer is written in the ___________(bible, dictionary)
Meaning of obedience (samuel16:22, psalms 128:1)
1. __________ is doing what we are to do(obedience, disobedience)
2. David was the son of ________(Samuel, Jesse)
3. King ____ sent for David(Solomon, Saul)
4. David____________ and came to live with the king(obeyed, disobeyed)
5. The young David was good at ________(singing, reading)
6. __________ was the best friend of David(Daniel, Jonathan)
7. God want us to be __________(rude, obedient)
Jesus Christ obeyed (john 4:34, luke2:51-52)
1. _______ and __________ were the parents of Jesus
2. Jesus ___________ his parents(obeyed, disobeyed)
3. The father of Jesus worked as a ________(carpenter, shopkeeper)
4. Jesus went to the _________ with his parents(temple, school)
5. Jesus and his parents went into the temple in ____________(Nazareth,
6. God sent His son to __________ his people(save, punish)
7. Name four things a carpenter makes
8. _______________
Honoring parents (exodus20:13, ephesians6:1-3, colossians3:20)
1. We should ________ our parent(abuse, obey)
2. _________ people show respect(abusing, greeting)
3. Saying _________ shows respect (thank you, sorry) when we wrong others
Rules at home and in school (roman13:1)
1. Things that we must do at home and in school are called_________(rules,
2. List four things you do in the morning before you go to school
3. ______________
at school we must obey our ____________(parents, teachers)
4. In school, teachers teaches us how to
5. Do the correct classwork
6. Come to school early
7. Be tidy and clean
8. Avoid fighting
9. Help each other
10. Jesus Christ was _________(obedient, disobedient)
11. God is _______ when we obey(happy, angry)
Activities of Jesus Christ (John5:17, mathew13:53-58)
1. Reading and writing is one way of ________(resting, working)
2. __________ worked when He made the earth(man, God)
3. When Jesus was on earth He performed__________(magic, miracles)
4. Jesus______ the sick(hated, healed)
5. Jesus ________ the hungry(fed, healed)
6. Jesus taught his disciples how to __________(pray, read)
7. We should ____ like jesus(sleep, work)the bible says lazy people should not
________(eat, sleep)
Duties of a child at home and at school (exodus2:16-19, genesis37:12-14)
1. __________ was the father of Joseph(Isaac, Jacob)
2. Joseph had __________ brothers(10, 11)
3. Joseph’s brothers helped their father to look after ______(sheep and goats,
4. Moses helped_____ daughter of Jethro(one, seven)
5. Moses gave ________ to the animals(water, grass)
6. It is good to help our _________ at school
Being a faithful servant (mathew25:14-30)
1. The master had _________ servants(2,3, 1)
2. The first servant was given ________ coins and took back __________
3. The second servant was given __________ coins and took back __________
4. The third servant was given __________ coins and took back __________
5. The third servant was _______________(lazy, hardworking)
6. The master was __________ with the first and the second servant (happy,
7. God was _________ with the third servant(happy, unhappy)
8. God does not like ___________ people(good, lazy)
9. When we work hard _________ blesses us (God, Angels)
Jesus Christ the son of God
The early life of Jesus at home (Luke 2: 511)
1. The parents of Jesus were ____________________ and __________________
2. Jesus and his parents lived in_____________________
3. The father of jesus worked as a_______________________
4. A carpenter makes _______ ___________ _________ and _________
5. Jesus was ________________ to his parents
6. Jesus healed the mother-in-law of _______________
Nazareth, obedient, carpenter, Mary, beds, chairs, Simon peter, joseph, stools, table
Jesus in the temple (Luke 2: 41-49)
1. The parents of Jesus went to __________________ emery year to pray and
2. Jesus was taken to the temple at the age of ____________ years
3. The _____________ is the house of God
4. Jesus looked for jesus for_______________ days
5. Jesus home was in_________________
Temple, twelve, Jerusalem, Nazareth, three
Baptism of Jesus (Mathew 3: 13-17)
1. Jesus was baptized in river __________________
2. Jesus was baptized by __________________ the Baptist
3. The spirit of God came in form of__________________
4. When we are baptized we get a new ______________
5. People can be baptized when they are ____________ or young
6. When people are baptized their sins are_________________
Name, John, old, forgiven, Jordan , dove
The first followers of Jesus (john 1:35-42, Mathew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-18)
1. The followers of Jesus were called___________________
2. Jesus called his first disciples from the lake of ___________
3. _____________ and ______________ were the first disciples of jesus
4. ____________ and ______________ were sons of Zebedee
5. The four men worked as___________________
6. Jesus told these men that he would make them ______________ of men
7. Andrew, Peter, John and James fished in lake ______________
John and James, disciples, Peter and Andrew, fishermen, galilee, fishers
Choosing the twelve (mark 3:13, Mathew 9:9-13, john 1:43-50, Luke 22:39-46)
Jesus had ________ disciples
James, Mark, Peter, John, Cain, Mathew, Philip, Paul, Solomon, Thomas, Judas,
Isaac, Moses, Andrew, Thaddeus, Batholomew
Choose and list down the twelve disciples of jesus
The disciples helped jesus to spread good news
Jesus visits Simonpeter’s home
Luke 4:38-40
1. Jesus had a friend called Simon_________
2. __________ healed Simon peter mother in law
3. Jesus healed the ________________
4. When we are sick we go to the ____________
5. Simon peter’s mother in law was suffering from _________
6. A _________________ treats sick people
Fever, Peter, Sick, Doctor, Hospital, Jesus
Jesus Christ plead
Mark 1:35-39, luke22:39-46
1. ________________ is talking to God
2. Jesus prayed ______________ times
3. ___________ taught the disciples how to pray
4. You should ____________ before eating
5. We ask God to _________________ our sins
6. Jesus prayed to God on mount ___________
7. In prayers Jesus asked God to _______________ him
8. Jesus prayed to overcome _________________
9. God sent _________________ to encourage jesus
Pray, Satan, Jesus, Forgive, an Angel, Prayer, Many
Jesus Christ forgives
Mark 2:1-12, Mathew 6:12
1. When we _____________ other people, jesus forgives us
2. Jesus healed the _____________ man
3. Jesus healed the man and forgave him his _____________
4. The man was brought to jesus by his _____________
5. _____________ of law complained when jesus forgave the sick
6. The sick man was suffering from _____________
Friends, Sick, Forgives, Teachers, Paralysis, Sins
Visit to our homes
Hebrew 13: 1-2
1. People who come to our homes are called____________
2. We should _____________ people who come to visit us
3. Mother and Mary were the sisters of _____________
4. Lazarus and his sisters lived in _____________
Lazarus, Bethany, visitors, welcome
Differences and similarities in family members
1st Corinthians 12:4-26, Philippians 2:1-5, Mathew 7:12
1. Jack and Joseph are similar because they are both_____________
2. (boys, girls)
3. Josephine and Damaris are _____________(boys, girls)
4. _____________ has given us different gifts (man, God)
5. Draw the members of the family
Philippians 4:13
1. Father and mother are my _____________(teachers, family)
2. _____________ is a male parent (father, mother)
3. _____________ is a female parent (mother, brother)
4. My sisters and my brothers are my _____________(children, siblings)
5. Accepting one another make God _____________(sad, happy)
6. We should care for one another_____________(true, false)
Being trusted by others
1. To be honest is to always tell the _____________
2. When we are _____________people will like us
3. _____________is happy when we are honest
4. When I find a pen in class I should give it to the _____________
5. When we are honest we do not _____________
Honest, Truth, Teacher, God, Steal
Trusting God and others
2nd cor 1:9b, psalms 40:3-5, 118:8-9, deut 10:20
1. God is our father in _____________ (heaven, hell)
2. God keeps his _____________ to us
3. When we keep our promise others_____________
4. When we _____________ we trust in God
5. _____________ want us to trust one another
6. The bible says happy are those who trust in God
Promise, God, Satan, Pray, Trust
 When we share with those who do not have, we are _____________
 There is more joy in _____________ than receiving
 Name the pictures (spotlight book 1 page 65)
Blessed, Taking, Giving
The little boy who shared his food (john 6:8-13)
1. Jesus fed _____________ people with _____________ fish and _____________
loaves of bread
2. A _____________ had the food that Jesus prayed for
3. Before they started eating Jesus _____________ for the food
4. We should _____________ what we have with others
5. After everybody ate enough, _____________ baskets remained
6. Write down three things we share with others
7. ——————–
8. ——————–
Five, two, boy, prayed, share, twelve
The story of Tabithaacts 9:36-42)
1. Tabitha lived in a town called _____________
2. Another name of Tabitha is _____________
3. Tabitha means_____________
4. A person who needs your help is _____________
5. Tabitha made _____________ for the poor
6. Tabitha was a very_____________ woman
7. _____________ prayed for Tabitha and started living
Lion, deer, dorcas, needy, clothes, kind, Paul, peter
Jesus Christ concern for others (Luke8:40-42, 49-56)
1. _____________ had a sick girl
2. Jairus daughter was _____________ years old
3. Jesus told the father that the girl was only_____________
4. Jairus daughter was brought back to life by_____________
5. Jesus raised the _____________ back to life
Sick, dead, peter, Jesus, crying, sleeping, Stephen, Jairus, 10, 12, 11
Names of my friends
1. Jesus tells us to _____________ our friends
2. _____________ loves little children
3. Jesus is our best _____________
4. A good friend is always ready to _____________
5. List down five names of your friends
6. ——————–
7. ——————–
8. ——————-
9. ——————–
10. ——————–
Love, Jesus, friend, help
Friends at home (Luke 11:5-8, job 6:14)
1. Joseph had_____________ brothers
2. Friends play _____________
3. Joseph was sold by his _____________
4. Joseph was sold in _____________
5. Joseph worked as a _____________ in Egypt
6. Joseph _____________ his brothers
7. The brothers went to Egypt to buy _____________draw and Colour members of your
Together, Brothers, Sisters, Nazareth, Egypt, Clothes, Food, Bit, Forgave, Slave, 6, 10, 12
James 2:23b, john15:13-15, 1st john 5:1-5, psalms 25:14
1. God is our father in _____________
2. People who are _____________ to others are friends to God
3. When we obey our parents God is _____________
4. The man who was sick at the pool of Bethzatha in Jerusalem was sick for
_____________ years
5. The sick man was healed by _____________
6. _____________ was a great friend of God
Heaven, Kind, Happy, Six, 38, Paul, Peter, Jesus, Abraham
Meaning of Easter
1. We celebrate for the death of Jesus during ____________
2. Jesus died for our ________________
3. During Easter we go to ___________
4. Jesus rose from death on ____________
5. Jesus died on the ____________
6. Before Jesus died he shared a meal with his _____________
7. The wine was a sign of ___________
8. The bread was a sign of ______________
Easter, sins, church, third, cross disciples, blood, and body
Jesus Christ the friend of children (Mathew 19:13-15, john15:14)
1. ___________ is a friend of children
2. When parents brought children to Jesus his __________chased them away
3. Jesus blessed the children by placing _________on them
4. “Let the children come to me”, who said these words?
5. Jesus ________all children
Jesus, Satan, disciples, hands, loves
The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (mark15:33-47, 16:1-8)
1. Jesus died at a place called _____________
2. Jesus died on the ____________
3. Jesus was nailed between __________ thieves
4. Jesus died on a ____________
5. Jesus rose from dead on ___________
6. ___________was to put spices on Jesus’ body
7. Jesus was buried in a __________
8. _____________ of Arimathea buried the body of Jesus
9. __________ told the women that Jesus had risen
10. Jesus is __________ today
Alive, dead, women, men, joseph, an angel, disciples, Friday, mom day, Sunday, two,


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