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Open Distance and e-Learning(ODEL)


The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODEL) campus provides a platform for all faculties to deliver their programs using the Learning Management System to both On-campus and Off-campus students. 

ODEL offers a variegated combination of teaching and learning methods within a continuum that includes face-to-face, blended, distributed, asynchronous, synchronous, e-learning and online modes of delivery.

Students are offered flexibility of choice and pace that enables each one to comfortably access and participate in their studies at their geographical location, from admission to graduation and beyond. The pure online degree programs offer courses leading to professional degrees in a variety of disciplines including education, business, and development studies.

While blended / hybrid formats are available to ALL students and faculty of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Faculties are continuously encouraged to load all courses, especially the common courses to the ODEL learning management system (LMS) for easier facilitation of teaching and learning.

The CUEA Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODEL) Campus was instituted as a Centre for distance and e learning in 2014. At the time, it was nurtured and delivered through the Faculty of Education.

It has since transformed to a campus that provides a platform to all faculties in CUEA to deliver their programs through ODEL modes of delivery to the growing number of students who prefer flexible modes of learning.

The CUEA ODEL works within the University’s vision and aspires to be a regional world class centre of excellence in enhancing participation, equity, access and livelong education; critical for sustainable development.

It is envisaged that E learning programs will continue to strengthen the capacity of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa to meet the educational needs of ALL students enrolled at the University.

Through ODEL, students are provided with educational opportunities in discipline-specific coursework that utilize information technology tools for engaging in instruction and research.

Students enrolled in online programs work with faculty closely to achieve community service goals that strategically target country-wide initiatives in health, business, education, leadership, citizenship, and promote social responsibility.

The quality of the online education courses and degree programs enhances the viability of Catholic University of Eastern Africa students to compete for employment both nationally and internationally. CUEA offers courses and programs that reflect current occupational trends needed to meet workforce requirements for the 21st century and beyond.


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