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Apply for change of form one placement – Simplified procedure

The 2022 form one placement results have been announced. In case you are not happy with the school where you have been paced, then you can apply for a transfer.


1.Note down your child’s KCSE INDEX NUMBER
Compose a text and send the index to 22263
You will get an SMS NOTIFICATION with the full names of the school the student is selected to join.

2.Please note that the SMS will cost you 25 shillings every time you send it. The recipient’s code, 22263 works for all networks (Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom).

3.Bear in mind that after sending an SMS to the provided code, it will take some time before you get the results.

How to Download Form One Admission Letter Online

To download your form one admission letter online, follow the steps instructed below:

1.Go to: Form One Selection on the Ministry of Education’s official website

2.Click on the school selected to join (National, Extra, or County School)

3.Select the county and sub-county where type did you KCPE Exams then enter your Index Number.

4.Click Submit

5.At the bottom of the page click ADMISSION LETTER

6.Download to your computer then print.

7.1Take the admission letter to your Head Teacher to stamp it for endorsement.


Candidates for the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) who are dissatisfied with the secondary school they were allocated to can now request for readmission to their preferred institutions.

It’s important to note that seeking a change of form one placement is entirely done online.

Follow the simple procedures below to apply for a change of form one placement.

1.The parent or guardian should submit a request to the school of choice, requesting that the child be transferred there. Depending on the available (unfilled) slots, the school will then shortlist and merit all students on the waiting (request) list, and make a choice on which students they would want to accept.

2.The school will enter the details of the selected candidates from their waiting list into the National Education Management System, NEMIS –http://nemis.education.go.ke/, and request that the Ministry enroll them in the new school.

3.Approval of school requests will be given at various levels, depending on the school’s Category. The Ministry’s Head Office, Regional Coordinators, and County Directors will provide approval for National, Extra County, and County schools respectively.

4.Once the approval has been granted, the learner will then be moved from the selection list of the first school to the latest (new) school.

5.The parent/ guardian will then go online and print the admission letter for the new school.


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